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The Plymouth Exchange

Welcome to The Plymouth Exchange! 


We pride ourselves on our 5.400 square foot gallery which is constantly featuring new and exciting temptations across all collecting categories. Our store is full of carefully curated, upscale, 20th century designer and antique furniture, art, jewelry, as well as a spectrum of rare and intriguing 'objects of interest'. 


The Plymouth Exchange is owned by antique and art enthusiast Peter Smith, a nationally certified appraiser and popular radio host. Our store was awarded The South Shore Magazine's "Star of Excellence" in 2013. We received this prestigious designation for "providing and exemplifying overall excellence in the quality of product, service and total experience that they provide to their clients and customers." 


The Plymouth Exchange is always interested in fine consignments, ranging from one fine antique to a collection of a thousand paintings! We offer world class service and rates well below industry averages. Our connections and decades-long relationships enable us to help you make as much money as possible on the sale of your cool, interesting, rare, or beautiful items.  


Contact us today to learn more.

Proprietors, Peter &

Judy Smith


The Plymouth Exchange

Below you will find some great articles and inside secrets into the wonderful world of Antiquing by Peter Smith. He is a regular contributor to Cape and Island Business Health and Weath Magazine.


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