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Meet Our Appraisers


A veritable powerhouse of not only some of the best in the business but also very interesting people as well. Appraisers are a breed apart. Consider the knowledge they garner in pursuit of their trade. The passion and drive that is instilled by regularly dealing with the often strange, unique, or one of a kind items that they come across everyday. It's exciting work that takes a certain kind of person to do well.  


Our superteam volunteers at a number of Antique Roadshow-style appraisal events every year as fundraisers for area non-profits. 

Mr. Stephen Fletcher 

Executive V.P Skinner Inc.

(Appraising Americana and Folk Art)


Known and respected around the world as an expert in Americana, Folk Art, and countless other important categories. A lifetime dedicated to antiques going all the way back to his childhood. Stephen has worked hard and is deserving of his reputation as the best of the best. More than that, he has a magnetic personality, is a great storyteller, and has a genuine interest in people as well as their things. I am very proud to count him as a long time personal friend as well as colleague. 

Peter Smith

Owner of The Plymouth Exchange

Previous Owner, Sandwich Antiques

C.A.G.A. certified appraiser: Furniture, sporting, fine art and vintage audio.  

A lifetime dedicated to and being inspired by objects of interest and their beauty. Working with families, lawyers and individuals as an estate consultant and appraiser for almost three decades.  Peter is the host of the radio program Antiques Airshow on the Boston area radio station WATD 95.9 which broadcasts every Saturday at 10am. 


Henry T. Callan “The Professor” 

Member, New England Appraisers Association. 


Renowned as one of the most capable appraisers in the business. Lecturer and teacher on the subject of antiques, Chinese export, American samplers, textiles, and porcelains.  I have known Henry for almost 20 years and think of him as one of the most knowledgeable and interesting people I know. Henry loves his work which becomes obvious the moment you meet him. He has a way of speaking on the subject of antiques that will mesmerize you and leave you wanting for more as he mingles history and stories with his appraisal work.


Rebekah Kaufman "Steiffgal"

Owner, Steiffgal's Vintage Museum Marketplace: Bears, dolls, and fine plush.


Rebekah was Steiff North America's archivist for over a decade. In that role, she authored most of the articles in the biannual Steiff Club Magazine and authenticated vintage Steiff Teddy bears, dolls, animals, and novelties on behalf of the company. She appraised and cataloged the largest vintage Steiff collection to come to market in the US; the sale realized over half a million dollars. Rebekah has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs and has consulted for top media outlets and auction houses from around the world. 

Jim Poore

Restorer, dealer, appraiser: Antique glass and pottery.   

Internationally recognized as the foremost expert on paperweights. From restoration, identification, and appraisal Jim is often asked by various groups to speak on this most interesting area of  glass collecting.  He has been immersed in glass since childhood working and apprenticing in his father's shop, The Crystal Workshop. Jim’s father, Ed, is known to be the best in the world at the restoration of glass. Jim is the guy the museums and appraisers go to when they are stuck on identifying or valuing glass. Full time all the time, Jim is all in when it comes to glass. No doubt he is the best there is.  

Judy Smith

Restorer, appraiser, researcher, artist.  Fine art.  

Judy Smith has spent her entire life involved in the world of art.  As a prize winning artist and sculptor herself, Judy has an uncanny eye for recognizing good art.  With her career as a master art restorer and professional researcher, Judy has been continually exposed to the world of art and has absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way. Judy lives her passion and it shows.  

Margos Shirinian.  Appraiser, broker / dealer of oriental rugs.  

Margos is an expert in antique oriental rug restoration and appraisal.  His career began when he was a young child selling rugs at the Grand Bazzar in Istanbul, Turkey, where his family owned an oriental rug business.  Mr. Shirinian's lifelong immersion in the world of oriental rugs has made him one of the foremost experts in the business since the early 1980's.

William Dawson. Broker, appraiser , retailer and consultant.  Fine Jewelry.  

Billy “Diamond” Dawson was born into the fine jewelry trade. A family business over generations. Billy has ‘the touch'... he can tell you from across the table what your piece is. I don’t think anybody in the business can claim to work as hard as Billy does or to have handled the immense number of pieces that pass through his hands. He is a bunch of fun with great humor and an uncanny ability of being right all the time.

Kenneth W. Van Blarcom. Auctioneer, appraiser, retailer and consultant.  Fine Antiques.  

Kenny is the best dressed,  best looking, and most knowledgeable appraiser I know. I have known “The Prince" for close to 30 years and he was already a pro back then. He began his career at Shreve, Crump and Low, Co. in Boston in the Antique Department. He then started his own antique and appraisal business. Ken joined Skinner in 1979, becoming the director of the Boston office. Three years later he established Kenneth W. Van Blarcom Auctioneers and Appraisers, first in Sherborn and then later in South Natick, Massachusetts. Ken maintains an antique shop across from the historic Bacon Free Library in South Natick. Ken provides occasional auctioneering services for area auction houses as well as for non-profit charities.

Some of our appraisers and friends at a recent charity event. 

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